Thanks for the great summer season 2015

Thanks to everybody that helped make this last summer the best I can remember! I know that I’m very lucky to make a living doing something I love so much. It almost doesn’t seem right sometimes because I was raised to think that a “job” was something that should be hard and frustrating with no rewards other than a paycheck. I’m living proof that if you follow your heart and your passion for what makes you feel complete, that you really can make a living doing it. It seems so simple, yet people still get up every morning and trudge to a job that sucks the life out of them when they should be thriving in the prime of their life. A friend told me long ago that the only thing standing in the way of what I want to be is me. I shrugged this off for many years, thinking I would never get in the way of myself and my progress as a person. Boy was I wrong! Looking back, I made excuse after excuse to justify why I was a failure and almost convinced myself that I wasn’t good enough to do what I really wanted to do in life. Now, thanks to an incredible community that has welcomed me and supported my endeavors as a musician, I feel like a king everyday! So again, Thanks so much to all the great venues, booking agents, wedding planners and event coordinators that decided to make me a part of their program this year. I am eternally grateful and I look forward to many more years of providing music for  those that enjoy it!