Bill Bozly is a singer & songwriter from the Pacific Northwest with over 25 years of musical entertainment experience under his belt. He has performed in thousands of concerts across Europe and North America with various musical acts in nearly every genre of American popular music.

Bill’s musical journey began with the guitar. From the first time he picked it up, he knew it was his destiny to make his mark on the world with it. His first gig, a wedding, came after only six months of practice and he hasn’t let up since. He now plays over 200 concerts a year in the Northwest area as a solo artist or as a member of various local bands. When he isn’t on a stage, Bill spends his time writing and recording original material at his home studio.

His latest recording, “Remedial Melodies”, is a collection of original material he has been perfecting for nearly five years. He wrote, arranged, performed, engineered, produced, recorded and mixed all but a few notes on it. His goal was to show the world what he was all about musically and emotionally. The result is a masterpiece far beyond what he had ever imagined!

Bill’s true love is entertaining an audience, and it shows in every note he plays and sings on stage. His powerful baritone voice will pull you in on the first song and leave you wanting more and more. His guitar playing and ability to loop in and out of arrangements with ease is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Bill strives to make every song a miniature religious experience, leaving the audience with a new awareness and appreciation of what one man can do with a guitar and a microphone.

A few words about the new album “Remedial Melodies”

Music means many things to many people. To imagine life without it is nearly impossible. From the day that I got my first guitar, music has been my best, and sometimes my only, friend. But most importantly, it was always there to make me feel better and take me to a better place. Unlike conventional medicine that only masks the true problems or eases the pain temporarily, music gave my life hope when nothing else did. I certainly wouldn’t be around today if it weren’t for its incredible power to heal the mind, body and spirit. These songs are drawn from a collection of life experiences that have forever changed me as a person. Making this album was my way of dealing with what I didn’t have the means to fix otherwise. Please enjoy these Remedial Melodies for what they are, Take them with a grain of salt, and a spoonful of sugar.