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    2018 The year of turning corners

    Hello, its been a while since my last posting. Now that the home I’m building is near completion, I finally got the time to finish up the tracks for a new album. I had recorded most of the material at my old house in Coeur d’Alene but needed a couple more to complete the project. I recorded the last two songs with the help of my friend David Sims at his wonderful studio. I’m in the process of finalizing some artwork before I send it off for printing and packaging. My cover art is an original piece from my local friend Julie Rae Clark. Thanks for your patience with me and hope you like the new offering! See you at a show sometime!

    Summer 2017

    Hey folks. Looks like summer is heating up to be another great one for live music. My deepest thanks to all the venues and individuals that have chosen me to entertain their clients, guests and families. It is a huge honor to be able to do what I do and there’s not a minute that goes by that I’m not thankful for the blessings that have come my way.

    I have completed writing new material for my next album and have several songs left to record, but I’m planning on having it ready for sale by June 1, lets keep our fingers crossed. I’m so excited to share these new songs with the world.

    Many of you may not know that I also play in a cover band with some great guys from spokane called The Blue Mustangs. We play a lot of older tunes from the 50′s on up, no top 40 stuff, just great dancing classics. Our frontman is Sean Owsley, who many of you have probably seen on KHQ6 delivering the news every morning for the last 10 years. It has been a pleasure getting to know him over the last few years and I’m looking forward to some great shows with these guys. Our shows are posted on my schedule with the note Blue Mustangs. Please come out to a show this summer and have a great time!!


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